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Nepal Sports International
A Sports Network in Nepali Diaspora. 





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People-Power “Nepal Sports International”
Compare Nepali population 10 yrs ago and now in US.
It is growing rapidly.
People are always power.
Nepali community needs to be more organized and have a better networking.
Nepali children especially those born or raised here need the following things: knowledge about Nepal and Nepali custom, culture and heritage!
It is the right time to explore Nepali talents especially among the new generation who getting education and raising in US
                -Their knowledge, skill and talent should make Nepal and nepali community proud.
               -Therefore,  we need more activities to explore our knowledge, information, skill and talents. So we need more organization like ANA
It is the way “first we need quality and quantity”
 sports are very important for life. Sports start from our birth until death. This is not a matter of winning, getting medals or awards, it also helps to learn healthy and happy. Another word is quality of life.
Especially those of young generation should engage in any sort of sports to get healthy and active.
It is the only one subject-any part of the world can understand. There are no barriers of language, race, culture or any kind of political barrier in sports.
How it works
We can make a global nepali sports network to explore and promote sports talents under the Nepal Sports International “what you think?”



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